Recruitment worker embezzled $1m from agency

An employee working for a staffing firm has been accused of embezzling $1million (£807,558) from her employer.

Debbie Brioch worked as a bookkeeper for Blue Chip Talent, a computer recruitment agency based in Michigan, US. She embezzled the cash over a period of six years, and claimed to use it for “personal living expenses” – The Detroit Free Press reports.

She bought new vehicles and paid off credit card debts with the money, taking lump sums of $50,000 at a time. According to local law enforcement, “the owner of the company became suspicious after reviewing the company’s checking account and finding multiple checks issued to Broich.”

When the police investigated, and confirmed the owner’s fears, her employer took three weeks to wait and mull over what they should do.

Bloomfield Township Detective Sergeant John Weise, commented: “The company where she worked took a little time reviewing the evidence and deciding how they wanted to handle this.”

In the end, “they decided they wanted her picture out there, just in case she went to work somewhere else and tried to scam somebody else.”

Nicole Pawczuk, CEO of Blue Chip Talent, could not be reached for comment by the publication at this time.

This incident highlights the need for recruitment agencies to be extra stringent in their own recruitment practices – and serves as a reminder of the repercussions of fraud. Last year, Recruitment Grapevine reported on an employee at a recruitment consultancy who had allegedly been diverting thousands of pounds by stealing holiday pay from clients. 

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