Capita highlights need for human touch in army recruitment

Army recruiter Capita has ramped up their hiring initiatives, highlighting the need for more candidates looking to join the British Army.

The Army has launched a new £3million recruitment campaign, airing on Saturday, which focuses on comradery and friendship between new recruits, appealing to the more humanistic side of the job.

The outsourced recruitment operation led by Capita is in response to reports that the firm is still delivering 10-15% fewer candidates than required – The Telegraph reports.

This new recruitment campaign is designed to appeal to all candidates, from all ranks and seniority levels, where previous recruitment drives were more focussed on individuals. This is supposedly to make the recruitment campaign more all-encompassing and universal.

Maj Gen Tim Hyams explained the new recruitment campaign to The Telegraph: “Life in the British Army develops unique and lasting bonds of friendship.

“This sense of belonging is central to the opportunity we offer to those who wish to pursue a career in an organisation that makes a positive contribution to society."

Another senior defence source supposedly told the publication: “Recruitment is a challenge. The Capita system is underperforming by about 10 to 15 per cent and if we carry on at that level, then we will always have a slightly understrength Army.

“We are doing fine recruiting officers, but it’s soldiers where we are struggling. Partly we are not getting the message right, and we need to get better at that. Retention is holding up.”

Recruitment Grapevine recently reported on the British Army, after one of their recruitment drives came under fire for being “out of touch”.

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