Jobseeker turned down for 400 interviews - then he removed THIS from his CV

Daryl Jones, 27, had been job hunting after he graduated with a business and marketing degree six months ago, sending out over 400 applications, which garnered him no interviews.

However, that all changed when he removed his disability from his CV.

Jones, who suffers from Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder affecting the connective tissue, faced multiple rejections until he took his disability off his applications – it was only then that he got invited to twelve interviews.

The Mirror reports that Jones had to conceal other personal achievements to increase his chances of a call back; including the fact he played disability sport and founded charity Disability Sports Humber.

However, the University of Hull graduate is still unemployed. He says that feedback from interviews claim that he does not have enough experience or that other applicants were better suited to the job.

He said: "I've made over 400 job applications but had nothing.

"It's disappointing. Studies have shown people with disabilities do want to contribute, they want to have a job and earn money, but nobody will employ me.

"I have a degree and when I've spoken to people they've said I have loads of qualifications and plenty of experience and can't understand why I can't get a job.

“My friend applied for one of the same graduate jobs as me. He had the same experience as me, but he got the job while I was told I didn't have enough experience.”

Jones says that his condition does prevent him from physical jobs, but his ability to work is not hindered.

He said: "It affects a lot of things but it particularly affects my joints.

"Sometimes I'll be fine but it can mean I get a lot of dislocations, so sometimes I have to use a wheelchair. It meant I had to give up sports because the dislocations got too bad and the pain was too much.

"It means I can't do physical jobs but office work, administration, I can do that. I've been applying for everything."

"I was a disability person for the NUS (National Union of Students) and I took part in a lot of disability sport.

"I've also set up a charity and done a lot of other work around disability. It was only when I took all that stuff off the CV I started getting interviews."

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Wed, 21 Dec 2016 4:30pm GMT
I agree with the above comment, although it is a shame that employers will make assumptions if you have a disability the key is to not give them a chance to make that assumption! Always leave any information that can be used against you off your CV, e.g. Age, disability etc.

It's sad that this is necessary but you want to give yourself the best chance possible when applying for jobs!
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Wed, 21 Dec 2016 12:21pm GMT
A Recruiter
I am a recruiter and I have a disability. Personally I would leave my disability off my CV if I were to make an application. I am very secure in my capabilities and know I would be an asset to any business however the presence of the disability on your CV gives the opportunity for the hiring manager to make assumptions of your capabilities (or perceived lack of them). It’s a shame as good people miss out on job opportunities as do prospective employers on good candidates.
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