Recruitment Grapevine Advent Calendar: How Santa got hired

Ever wonder how Saint Nicholas landed the best job of all time? He gets to chill all year round, has a bunch of elfs making the toys, and flies out on a sleigh just one day a year to deliver his gifts – eating mince pies and getting merry along the way.

Below is a video posted on Facebook by comedian and internet favourite Troy Kinne. It takes a satirical spin on the job interview Santa had when he was recruited by Jesus to dedicate his life spreading happiness. 

Gaining 6.8million views, Jesus starts out by telling the potential candidate the pros of the job; working one day a year, becoming a chick magnet, and being able to ‘let himself go’ i.e. get fat and grow a beard.

When the candidate is bewildered by delivering presents to every child in the world, how he's going to fit down the chimney and how he's going to make the toys, the interviewer reassures him that they’ve got it covered.

Anyway, we won’t spoil it for you, the video can be seen below:


Do you think he did a good job at selling the job to the candidate, or reckon you could do better?

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