Q&A with Bhumika Zhaveri, Founder & CEO of InteriMarket

We spoke to Bhumika Zhaveri, Founder & CEO of InteriMarket, a recruitment site which specialises in interim roles, about the role of tech in the industry and starting up an agency…

What will the future relationship between recruiters and candidates look like? 

That’s an interesting question, both recruiters and candidates are very aware of what works and what does not especially due to so much expertise and information at hand. Both are also tech savvy, know how to present themselves in person and exploit available resources.

One of the major challenges however I see is where the expectations don’t meet i.e. either in forms of communication that candidates expect and the level of competence that recruiters desire to see demonstrated textually. Despite CV’s and LinkedIn profile which is a glorified version of a CV there is still a massive lack of how skills and fit is demonstrated before a phone call or an interview is arranged.

So the relationship depending on two people can be as smooth as common sense can allow or as rough as we mostly see with risk of not being able to add any value to either party.

How can recruiters stay ahead of the pace in this fast-changing market? 

Recruiters must be agile and innovative. From my own experience there are some great recruiters out there both in-house and agency however there are also a lot of not so good recruiters. This profession is all about people and it is really important that recruiters truly and genuinely believe in helping their clients and candidates.

In these great times of change, innovation and disruption with technology like LinkedIn, InteriMarket and many more it is vital for recruiters to realise that to win in these competitive industries they have to master the art of people. Whether it’s liked or not the reality is that now more than ever the “human” aspect of a recruiter’s job is more important because of the ever evolving technology.

What advice would you give to a recruiter looking to start their own outfit? 

Anyone who wants to start on their own is great news however it is not something that should be taken lightly. As a recruiter to start an agency or going solo means entering a very crowded market where at least a few new agencies open each day across the country.

My best advice is that on top of finances, clients, candidates etc. the recruiter must ensure that they have substantial expertise in their field and start with something they are best at. A generic agency without much experience will not get anywhere in this competitive landscape so pick a niche or even better find a gap where there is need. 

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