Premier Group awarded 3-star rating by Best Companies

For the fifth year running Premier Group has been awarded a three-star rating by The Sunday Times’ ‘Best Companies to work for’ awards.

Best Companies determine their ratings by assembling the answers to a company-wide survey, sent by themselves, on questions the following topics that concern the company; ‘Leadership’, ‘Personal Growth’, ‘My Company’, ‘My Manager’.  

Ben Broughton, a Director at Premier Group, comments: “We have always been a big fan of these awards because it is voted for by our employees – it isn’t about how well you fill in a form or if a judge likes you, it’s about what your employees think about you – and that speaks volumes.

“We have seen a huge increase in headcount this year almost doubling our employees to well over 100 and it has been a focus to ensure that we keep the ethos and values of Premier at the core of our business. Receiving this accolade for the fifth year in a row is a great start to showing we have achieved this.”

Broughton adds to Recruitment Grapevine: “We ensure that we have open communication with our employees to constantly develop and build upon creating a great place to work.

“A large majority of the changes that we have made such as free breakfasts, stand up desks, dress-down Fridays, and increased holiday allowance have come from suggestions from our workforce. Even if a suggestion is made that we cannot accommodate as a business we will ensure full feedback is given to the person who made it. 

“This open communication means that the employees feel they have a real say in how the business grows and develops.” 

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