Campaign shows hardships of job interviews for autistic candidates

Job interviews can be a nerve wracking experience for even the most prepared of candidates – so imagine the difficulties faced by jobseekers who deal with mental illnesses.

A recent campaign by the National Autistic Society, a UK-based charity which supports autistic people and their families, sheds light on the hardships of jobseeking with autism.

The video, entitled ‘Could You Stand the Rejection?’, shows what it’s like for autistic candidates in job interviews – allowing the viewer to walk in the shoes of the candidate themselves.

According to statistics from the National Autistic Society, 84% of autistic adults are not in full-time employment – however, 77% of that statistic express a desire to find a job.

The organisation aims to raise awareness for employers and recruiters, and teach them how to accommodate an autistic candidate.  

Their website explains: “Some workplaces are full of too much information; too many sounds, lights, stares, glares — and too little understanding.”

There are also tips for employers on how to make the interview experience more relaxing, including taking your time, making solid plans and sticking to a routine. 


Image courtesy of The National Autistic Society YouTube Channel.

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