Recruitment drive shows 'perfect lunch hour'

Technology company AT&T has posted a video of the ‘perfect lunch hour’ as part of a recruitment drive.

The video, which can be seen above, was posted on both their AT&T and AT&T Careers Facebook page.

On their official Facebook page the caption reads: “Work hard. Play hard. Watch as these AT&T employees engineer the perfect lunch hour and connect to endless opportunities with #LifeAtATT.”

It shows a circuit that features a bowling ball bouncing from trampoline to trampoline, office Olympics (colleagues competing in games of pool, table tennis, and table football), and lots of racing around on wheelie chairs and tricycles.

All members of staff, from intern to augmented reality (AR) designer, feature in the video, highlighting the multitude of positions at the company.

Fun at work is essential, and there are a number of ways to embrace it.

HR Grapevine spoke to Mike Williams, Byron Burgers' HR Director, about this earlier in the year.

He explained why the key to remaining competitive is to have fun: “We bring fun into a lot of what we do, one of the key elements to our culture is fun.

“There’s an absolute correlation between our employee engagement, our labour turnover and our customer service scores.”

However, fun is quite hard to do. Williams continues: “Our employees are discerning. If we came out with some cheesy rubbish, they would be like 'this isn't fun, this is cheesy rubbish'. So we have to be quite innovative in what we do.

Byron Burgers embraces fun in every aspect of their people strategy, from speed dating recruitment to ‘burger research’ development trips across the world.

Most importantly, culture is driven from the top. Founder Tom Byng is truly part of the fun. Williams adds: “As a management team we have to set the example, so when we’re in the restaurants it’s about not being stuffy, not being formal, and having a bit of a laugh with people.”

Byng even goes as far as to dress as a squirrel and throw nuts at staff quarterly.

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