5 things that make candidates look unprofessional at a job interview

Shirt untucked, getting the name of the company wrong and turning up late are all obvious signs of an ill-prepared jobseeker.

However, when nerves get the better of candidates, the advice you once gave your candidate goes out of the window.

As collated by Your Story, below are five slip-ups that the recruiter should consider advising the interviewee about before the big day.

1. Don't ask too many questions

Although asking questions during an interview is encouraged, if a candidate asks too many irrelevant questions and interrupts the flow of interaction it could hinder their chance of a call back.

2. Tell them to stop saying ‘like’

Overusing of qualifiers (very/really) negators (not/n’t) and filler words (like) can reduce the jobseeker’s credibility, making them look nervous and unconfident.

3. No bragging please  

There’s a fine line between stating achievements and boasting so candidates should know when to focus on their highlights and when to just keep quiet.

4. Dress the part

Three –quarters of recruiters would overlook a shoddily dressed candidate. If they show up a bit too casual it’s not a good idea. Advise candidates on how to dress appropriately for the organisation they are interviewing for.

5. Have they done their homework?

There’s only so much the recruiter can do, it’s up to the candidate to actually read up on the company, the kind of work they have done in the past, their current projects, and the future endeavours they are talking about.

Also, they need to sell themselves on where they think they can fit into the company, how their work can benefit them, and how they’ll benefit from the candidates personal growth.

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Can we have the same for interviewers too please?
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