Donald Trump elected as President: Was it the right decision?

Today marks Donald J Trump’s victory in becoming the 45th president of the United States.

The businessman rose to power, and defeated the politically involved Hillary Clinton - ending eight years of Democratic rule in America.

Both campaigns were fraught with volatility but, more worryingly, the results have given rise to an ‘unstable bigot, sexual predator and compulsive liar’ taking the most important post in the world and stocks have fallen since the result was announced – The Guardian reports.

Trump's policies, which include a deportation force to round up and expel the 11 million undocumented migrants, a ban on all Muslims entering the country, a giant wall to seal off the Mexican border, ‘some form of punishment’ for women who seek an abortion, and sending Clinton to prison, reverberate an impending sense of dread across the US.

The election was strewn with inaccuracies and with the number of gaffes made by Trump surely redeemed him unfit for the job, and whilst we may have expected the nightmare to end today – the bottom line is, Clinton’s campaign, image, and message were not strong enough to sway supporters.

Some voters based their choices on preventing the other candidate from coming to power, which raises important questions about the hiring process.

The decision to put forward Clinton and Trump for the most important job in the world were made without rigorous vetting and no clear definitive strategy from either candidate about what they planned to do in their tenure. 

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In this debacle, and with most elections, ultimately it's the media that makes the hire.

Who do you think performed better in the mock interview for US Presidency with Jimmy Fallon?

The videos can be viewed below.

Trump also decided to showcase his interview skills during a news conference.

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