LinkedIn's new tool will give candidates greater salary understanding

A new tool by LinkedIn – LinkedIn Salary – will give candidates greater awareness of the state of pay within their sector, and allow recruiters to tailor their offer to better suit the market.

Writing in a blog announcing the news, Ryan Taylor, Product Manager at LinkedIn, listed the six ways this new tool will change the industry.

1. Get the full picture

“For a given job title, we show you a detailed distribution of base salary, along with additional elements such as stock and annual bonus.”

2. See top paying locations

“Know what locations pay the most for specific jobs, and see the number of job openings there. For example, a registered nurse in Sacramento, [California, US] gets paid an average of 50% more than in New York City.”

3. Understand which educational requirements matter

4. See which industries pay the most

“There are several opportunities that are impacted by industry. For example, the highest paying industry for sales representatives is healthcare.”

5. See salaries for the top companies

6. Understand how company size affects pay

“View how pay differs for job titles depending on company size. For example, you could earn more as a project manager at a large company vs a mid-sized one.”

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