PageGroup's MD reveals how to overcome the top 5 people management fails

In the ‘quick to hire, quick to fire’ world of recruitment, people management opportunities come thick and fast.

And, chances are, most aren’t given official training or proper guidance.

With or without official training, there are a number of new skills that are needed in order to adapt and succeed as a manager. And while some can be taught, others only develop with practice and experience.

Last month Steve Hallam, Managing Director at PageGroup, revealed his top five people management fails to Recruitment Grapevine.

Now, he reveals how to overcome his top five people management fails. They can be seen below. 

Failing to give clear direction or constructive feedback

“Keep your team on a successful trajectory by providing them with clear direction, regular guidance and productive (rather than overly negative) feedback. Set clear expectations and goals from the outset so everyone is aware of the outcomes that they need to deliver and by when, and agree various stages in your timeframe when you will check on progress. It is also important to ensure everyone is aware of the bigger picture so things can move in the right direction.”

Failing to balance your management

“An effective manager must be able to strike a balance. Your role is to point your employees in the right direction, offering support and counsel, but leaving them enough space to get on with it. People will expect different levels of management – some like the security of regular check-ins, while others thrive on independence. Establishing a balance should be one of the first conversations you have. There may be times when you need to change your management style according to a specific situation.”

Failing to get to know your employees as individuals

“You don’t need to be their best friend, but a good manager should show an appropriate level of interest in and enthusiasm for the lives of those they manage outside of work. Knowing what someone did at the weekend, their personal interests or even what their dog is called, could make you become a more involved and invested manager.”

Failing to push your employees or encourage ambition

“Ensure employees have a clear vision of their career path. Work with your team to identify the areas in which they have a personal interest and want to develop, then create a growth plan and smart goals that lead them to their desired end goal. Set out a specific achievement to motivate people to push themselves towards it and use your role as a manager to support through positive reinforcement and continued guidance.”

Failing to understand your employees’ working styles

“Take the time to get to know how your direct reports like to work and be managed. Establish things like how often they expect to meet one-on-one and what communication style they prefer. Encourage your team members to take a work personality quiz to reveal their working styles and identify ways you can work better together. It’s a step in the right direction towards an improved understanding of your team dynamics and making you a better manager.”


His original top five people management fails can be found here

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