NPAWorldwide draws in 14 recruitment firms from across the globe

A global network which aims to unite recruitment firms from across the world has lured 14 more independent agencies to its ranks.

NPAworldwide, a recruiting network that facilitates placements, now has members in Australia, the Philippines, Ireland, Singapore, Vietnam, and the USA.

The latter is part of a growing number of staffing firms in the Bay Area which focus on recruiting for the widening creative and technical market.

Recruitment Grapevine recently spoke to Lucy Feltham, Managing Partner at Wilton & Bain, who explained the issues, and the advantages, of hiring in the City by the Bay.

“Recruiting in San Francisco is challenging for two main reasons,” she said. “Firstly, if the talent is already in the Bay Area, there is a war for it. With so many tech firms and start-ups looking for talented engineers, sales and leadership profiles, even the so called ‘unicorn’ businesses struggle to attract and retain talent in such a competitive market.

“There are some obvious features of San Francisco that make it an appealing place to live and work; the weather is excellent (most of the time), we enjoy close proximity to Lake Tahoe where you can ski five months of the year, the wine country of Napa and Sonoma, Half Moon Bay which has some of the best surfing in the world, and endless mountains where you can hike and mountain bike in year-round sunshine. What’s not to love?”

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