Facebook Chatbots could replace recruiters

Facebook messenger Chatbots could render recruiters redundant, as developers are utilising the app to hire.

The venture, named JobPal, asks applicants through Facebook what kind of job they want and where, before presenting the potential candidate with matches they can apply for through the app.  

According to Digiday, Luc Dudler, Founder of Job Pal, says: “Everything in the recruitment process, from a job ad to a cover letter [through to the] interview, is conversational. So it lends itself perfectly to a Chatbot.”

The team of five, based in Berlin, has signed up 1,000 companies to use the bot; including Uber, Paypal and Citymapper.

Successfully matching through JobPal is Paul Gebhardt, CEO of food delivery company GreenGurus, who has whittled his search down to two potential candidates for sales and marketing positions. He says: “With HR there’s a mismatch between where candidates are looking for jobs and where they spend their digital life. The technology is getting better and better at interpreting text. Whether you order food or hire a candidate, it’s more natural to ask them automated questions in a chat.”

Dudler says that the venture is a way to cut out the ‘middleman’ - or recruiting costs - as the service is free for candidates and companies only pay a fee of $4 (£2.70) per lead.

Gebhardt believes that HR can benefit from the recruitment bot as, rather than managing multiple profiles across an abundancy of apps and job sites, the reach JobPal has (900 million Facebook users) could eliminate the use of other platforms.

Following Facebook’s decision in April to allow developers to use the messenger app, over 10,000 developers have jumped on the trend and are currently processing their Chatbot.

However, Jo Allison, from consultancy service Canvas8, doesn’t agree that bots are the future, as they lack the human touch. She says: “Speaking one-on-one you can tease things out from people; I don’t think a Chatbot will ever be able to do that. If brands are starting to chat as people, the interactions need to be as near to perfect as possible.”

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