Revealed: The best & worst degrees candidates can have

Spring is synonymous with stressed-out students; each clambering for that last minute study session before falling into an anxious sleep in a heap on the floor of the library.

But today’s students are tomorrow’s jobseekers- which means that, as a recruiter, it’s imperative to understand the array of weird and wonderful degrees on offer out there.  

According to a recent study by PayScale, in association with Fortune magazine, there are some degrees in America which are a much better career investment than others. Taking into account average salary, job satisfaction and long-term growth, some areas of study are glistening beacons of potential success, whereas others are harder to place.

Some career-hungry graduates are opting to return to student life, studying for a Masters in order to gain an edge over their competition.

The survey compiled a list of the 15 best post-graduate degrees candidates can have, alongside the absolute worst. Both can be found below;

 The 15 best

  1. Biostatistics
  2. Statistics
  3. Ph.D., Computer Science
  4. Ph.D., Economics
  5. Master’s, Applied Mathematics
  6. Master’s, Computer Science
  7. Ph.D., Pharmacy
  8. Ph.D., Mathematics
  9. Ph.D., Physics
  10. Master’s, Software Engineering
  11. Ph.D., Physical Chemistry
  12. Master’s, Information Systems
  13. Masters, Physician Assistant Studies
  14. MBA, Management Information Systems
  15. Ph.D., Political Science


The 15 worst

  1. Master’s, Fine Arts
  2. Master’s, Childhood Education
  3. Master of Divinity
  4. Master’s, Elementary Education
  5. Master’s, Reading & Literacy
  6. Master’s. Theology
  7. Master’s, Special Education
  8. Master’s, Graphic Design
  9. Master of Library and Information
  10. Master of Arts in Teaching
  11. Master’s, Curriculum and Instruction
  12. Master’s, Pastoral Ministry
  13. Master’s, Teaching English as a Second Language
  14. Master of Architecture
  15. Master’s, English Literature
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