Are these the most bizarre job adverts ever?

Recruiters sometimes have to source talent for niche roles, but some positions are more bizarre than others.

From Ninja’s to professional Lego builders, we’ve listed advertised positions that may be the weirdest jobs ever.

A career to build on

‘Find a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life.’ That is an adage that Gabriel Bremler has taken to heart.

The 25-year-old Swede has made a living out of building spectacular Lego constructs for companies. However, he is now planning to expand his business and is expecting to see an increased demand for his skills. Therefore, the Stockholm entrepreneur is advertising for an assistant to help him put the pieces together. The successful candidate will have years of Lego-building experience and must be able to follow instructions.

“You also have to be able to work effectively with a great eye for details and have highly-evolved social skills,” Bremler told VLT.

This is not the only job where recruitment consultants have to find candidates with soft skills. In fact, Tom Marsden, CEO at people analytics company Saberr, recently argued that companies who don’t assess for cultural fit and soft skills could lose both productivity and staff.

Wanted: Tortoise walker

Henry is 16-years old and need someone to walk him. Oh, and he is an African Tortoise. His owner recently advertised on Craigslist for someone to take the shelled reptile for walks.

"Henry can roam freely under your watchful eye,” the Mirror reports the advert saying. "No tortoise experience necessary, but you must be an animal person and also good with people. Trust me - they'll want to talk to you!”

Hiring now: Ninjas

With the second season of Daredevil premiering on Friday, Netflix binge-watchers everywhere are sure to try out at least one karate-pose in the mirror after watching the masked Marvel vigilante take out groups of ninjas. For recruiters, there may be an opportunity to capitalise on this increase of ninjutsu aspirations.

The Japanese Aichi prefecture made the news earlier this week when they advertised for six ninjas. Ninjas were 15th century mercenaries specialising in espionage, assassinations and guerrilla warfare. Yet, these shadow warriors won’t be required to have any notable killing skills, and contrary to their pop-culture counterparts they are encouraged to be as visible as they can as they will be hired in a bid to increase the influx of tourists to the region.

Successful candidates are expected to be able to astonish audiences in live shows and to do PR.

Is this the perfect job for cat lovers?

Feline fanatics may be in luck - a cat café in Manchester is looking for a ‘Cat Nanny to feed, groom, train and play with cats. Successful candidates will be paid £8 an hour and are expected to develop games and rearranging furniture to keep the cats’ environment interesting and new.

“Our cats are ridiculously needy so they need a lot of attention,” the Founder Sophie Close said.

“They’ve all got different personalities so the Persian won’t play but loves to be stroked, while some of the others aren’t bothered about relaxing but just love playing. It’s a nice mixture of personalities.”

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