New tech needs a “different type of recruiter”

Evolving technologies may require a “different type of recruiter”, according to a recent roundtable discussion organised by recruitment agency Nicoll Curtin.

While the participants agreed that Big Data and other technological advancements may assist recruiters, they were adamant that recruitment consultants would not be replaced.

“I don’t think AI or Big Data is ever going to replace a recruitment consultant, I think a recruitment consultant is adding a different sort of value,” Guy Deterding, Managing Director at the IT-for-recruitment provider Kamanchi, said.

“It’s not about ploughing through CVs anymore. It’s about working with the CVs that an AI system has delivered to you, [and] then using your own gut instinct [and] your knowledge of the client [to] actually identify who the right person is.”

Krisha Mirpuri is the Head of Marketing at Nicoll Curtin. She added: “I think it’s about changing habits, because technology came and brought new recruiters into the market, and the way they expected to do business was very different.

“A lot of the skills that previous recruiters had were that they knew how to do business development. We have to be careful people don’t just rely on tech to do the job for them.”

Steve Barnhust is a Sales Director for Broadbean. While agreeing that technology has affected recruitment, he said that “[what] the industry is not very good at is actually making it work for them, because the recruiters generally don’t have time [to] commit to getting the best from it.”

Additionally, he questioned whether or not recruitment firms would actually have access to Big Data.

Deterding said that recruiters do have access to Big Data. “You’ve got LinkedIn, you’ve got other areas where a lot of this information resides, whether people like it or not.”

Barnhust replied: “The interesting thing about this is that you then need to start looking at a different type of recruiter. It’s easy to find someone on LinkedIn, it’s incredibly difficult to engage somebody on Linkedin, or any of the other social channel.

“So, if we’re going to recruit that way, we need a different type of recruiter with a different type of approach. Maybe we even need to incentivise that recruiter in a different way, and not task them to bill monthly, or to pay them commission on a monthly basis.”

Mirpuri interjected that recruitment is still about creating a bond and building relationships. The medium is not as important as the message. “It’s a relationship”, she said.

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