Candidates strangest CV hobbies exposed

Frog breeding, whale whispering and the art of Japanese tea are just a few of the hobbies listed by candidates in a bid to stand out from the pack, a new survey reveals.

Carried out by Irish firm Solas Consulting, the poll quizzed recruiters and employers on strange candidate behaviour with some surprising results.

One recruiter reported that an applicant listed “learning how to write a CV” in his skills list.

Recruiters were also quizzed on the strangest reasons they were forced to reject a candidate, with reports of nose picking in interviews, listing laziness as a weakness and flushing the toilet during a phone interview.

Other notable mentions were candidates not taking off their jacket for the entire interview, telling the manager to have a good weekend on a Tuesday and arriving too early.

Amy Stephenson, founder of Human Recruitment, told The Irish Mirror that with the rise of social media, listing hobbies is becoming obsolete. 

“At Human we recruit individuals and rarely base our judgements solely on a candidate CV," she said. 

“Whether LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, social media is a tool which is increasingly utilised in the recruitment process, as a search tool or to build a clearer picture of a candidate."

Seamus Breslin, Managing Director of Solas Consulting, said that the issue of strange hobbies is far eclipsed by candidate’s putting over-exaggerated skills on their resume.

“When candidates list every skill or technology they have studied or brushed on whilst working, it can give a false impression to a prospective employer,” he said. 

But employers are also guilty of bringing about strange interview occurances, with candidates revealing their "interviews from hell" here

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Tue, 5 Apr 2016 12:24pm BST
I recently had an 'extreme gardener'... your guess is as good as mine???
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