Zlatan Ibrahimović takes over job interview and highlights three common candidate mistakes

Zlatan Ibrahimović recently shocked a candidate by taking on the role of a recruiter in a cringe-worthy job interview video. The famous footballer didn’t just make the applicant anxious with his questions- he also managed to highlight three common candidate mistakes that recruiters hate.

The video starts with the jobseeker Philip being led into a conference room to be interviewed for a sales role at the beverage company Vitamin Well. However, the video shows him being left stunned when the interviewer walks into the room.

Ibrahimović is the Captain of the Paris Saint-Germain football team and an ambassador at the Swedish beverage company. The video shows him shake Philip’s hand and going straight into the interview.

That was Philip’s first mistake. A recent study from the Resurgo Trust revealed that recruiters judge interviewees on their ability to make small talk. Candidates who cannot chit-chat before the interview are less likely to be successful in their applications.

The interview takes off with Ibrahimović asking if Philip likes Vitamin Well.

“Yes, it’s tasty,” the smiling jobseeker replies in the video. However, the smile quickly fades when Ibrahimović asks how many flavours of Vitamin Well there are.

“It’s like…” Philip hesitates. “Hmm…”

“Do you know anything about Vitamin Well?” Ibrahimović frowns.

“Yes,” the candidate replies.


“That it’s like…”Philip starts but fails to answer the question.

When asked what his favourite flavour is, the video shows the candidate replying that he likes Vitamin Well’s peach drink. Yet, he cannot tell what the peach flavoured drink is named, thus highlighting the second common candidate mistake: a lack of knowledge in the brand.

A recent survey from Barclays Lifeskills revealed that failing to do their research is one of the most common mistakes jobseekers make.

“Tell me, why should you be on my team?” Ibrahimović asks in the video.

“Because I am a team player,” Philip replies, committing his third mistake.

A recent survey from PurpleCV revealed the eight most overused buzzwords candidates use. “Team player” was the third most common cliché recruiters are tired of hearing.

While Philip managed to commit three candidate mistakes recruiters hate, the video ends with Ibrahimović saying: “Philip, I’ll do my best to help you get the job. Good luck!”

You can read more about Resurgo Trust’s study here

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