Scorned candidate pens Eminem inspired letter to employer

A jobseeker with a flair for early noughties rap has penned an epic letter to a potential employer, based on the lyrics of Eminem’s macabre hit Stan.

In the original song Eminem chronicles the desperate musings of Stan, a mega-fan obsessed with the rapper, who writes him a series of letters which become increasingly aggressive the longer they remain unanswered by the artist.

Lewis Kenny, who lists himself as a part-time poet on his Facebook profile, re-wrote the lyrics, chronicling his journey of applying, re-applying and eventually being rejected and boarding a plane to Australia in desperation.

Kenny modernised the lyrics, with references which both jobseeker and recruiter can relate to. He wrote: “Dear Employers, I wrote you but still ain't callin'

“I left my address, my email, and my phone number at the bottom

“I sent two CVs back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em

“There probably was a problem with my Gmail or somethin'

“Sometimes I misspell email addresses when I type 'em.”

Some other highlights include when Kenny addresses his last verse to Mister "I'm Too Good to Call or Hire My Fans", and when he promises to name his unborn daughter “Jobby” in a bid to get hired.

The post mimics the original lyrics to the end, with the verse originally rapped from Eminem’s point of view instead replaced with a response from the employer.

“Why are you so mad? Try to understand, that we do want you as an employee,” the lyrics read. 
“It’s just that we also want someone capable of being the best they can be.”

The employer verse ends after they realise that Kenny has in fact moved to Australia, and has become wildly successful.

This isn’t the first time pop culture has infiltrated the recruitment market, with a fake Darth Vader job interview going viral last year.

Read Kenny’s full post here.

Eminem image courtesy of Mika-photography

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