Cat lover's dream job advertised in Manchester

A new cat café is opening in Manchester and they’re on the hunt for feline enthusiasts to join their growing team.

Café Founders Ellie and Sophie Close are recruiting for a number of positions, most notably a ‘Cat Nanny’ to take care of the cuddly creatures on a daily basis.

Paying £8 an hour, the role sounds like a dream job for some – but it comes with an impressive list of daily tasks, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The job advert reads: "Your job on a daily basis will include but is not limited to:

  • Feeding the cats
  • Grooming the cats
  • Playing with the cats
  • Encouraging and supporting customer interaction with the cats
  • Making sure house rules are being adhered to
  • Cleaning out the litter trays
  • Washing and cleaning bedding
  • Developing games and rearranging furniture to keep the cats environment interesting and new
  • Training Cats
  • Checking up on the physical health of the cats."

The job ad also states that applicants must be prepared to work around-the-clock shifts, with the café open 9am to 9pm daily and some shifts scheduled outside of opening hours.

“Our cats are ridiculously needy so they need a lot of attention,” Close said.

“They’ve all got different personalities so the Persian won’t play but loves to be stroked, while some of the others aren’t bothered about relaxing but just love playing. It’s a nice mixture of personalities.

“They’ll even have their own Twitter profiles.”

The café opens in Manchester's North Quarter in June, applications for this job have to be sent by the 29th April 2016.

This isn't the first animal-focused office in Machester, to read more click here.

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