What to bear in mind when recruiting Gen Z

Recruiters must bear in mind certain job requirements when looking to recruit the next generation of employees.

According to Forum, salary and security are two of the most important job characteristics for Gen Z, with 14% of those asked admitting they dislike the nine-to-five daily office routine. Cynthia Stuckey, Managing Director of Forum, explained to Recruitment Grapevine what consultants must think on when trying to attract these applicants.

“Specific job requirements motivate Gen Z more,” explained Stuckey, “Such as ongoing training and development, a manager that gives encouragement, recognition, space to work on their own initiatives, and a company that recognises the importance of good work-life balance.

“Are their leaders equipped with the skills to deliver to the expectations of this generation and has the company got the right processes in place to support their leaders? We found that 78% of managers are ill prepared to lead Gen Zs with 55% worried about their arrival.

“Finally, check you are offering a competitive salary as pay is top of the list of priorities for this generation.”

The survey also found that there are some characteristics in managers that Gen Zs just can’t stomach.

“Gen Z's come from a generation that values team work and collaboration,” continued Stuckey,  “So if a manager isn't transparent in their actions - which includes accepting responsibility for errors, being truthful with their employees and acknowledging hard work – that tends to breed mistrust among employees which breaks down any sense of a team environment.”

Gen Z's top six irritations about a boss;

  • Lies, gossips and is untrustworthy (36%)
  • Isn't clear in their instructions (34%)
  • Shows little appreciation and praise (32%)
  • Takes credit for other's work (31.6%)
  • Expects me to put my work ahead of my personal life (31.6%)
  • Doesn't spend time training & developing me (26%)
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