Tinder's attractive jobs announcement could revolutionise recruitment

Using Tinder to recruit is by no means a fresh idea, but new research released by the dating app itself has revealed which jobs get the most right-swipes.

On the surface, this data can be seen to show only which professions are deemed as the most attractive, but with companies turning to the program to hire - and the framework being used for a recruiting tool itself - this information could be key in the future.

If such frameworks are adopted, this data could show what jobs would work for it, and also the ones that don’t.

The most right-wiped jobs for women were; Physical Therapist, Interior Designer and Founder/Entrepreneur.

Most right-swiped jobs for men were; Pilot, Founder/Entrepreneur and Firefighter.

The majority of occupations here are specialist, which could indicate that Tinder-style job apps should go down this route.  As Geoffroy De Lestrange, Product Marketing Manager EMEA at Cornerstone OnDemand, argued in an interview with Recruitment Grapevine: "With the development of tablets and phablets it will be even easier to target potential candidates on social networks.

“The idea with recruitment apps is to make the recruiter’s life easier. With a smartphone app, recruiters should be able to perform some simple tasks remotely.

“According to an IBM survey, almost six out of ten candidates found companies with mobile recruiting sites more attractive, and already a quarter use mobile for the entire application process.

“We spend most of our time with a smartphone in our hands, looking for job ads on LinkedIn or Facebook apps and applying directly. It only makes sense for companies to enable further mobile features.”

A full feature titled ‘’Appy Ever After’ on the subject can be found here, while reports about how Amazon allegedly recruits engineers through Tinder can be read here.

The full lists can be seen below.

Most right-swiped jobs for women

1. Physical Therapist

2. Interior Designer

3. Founder/Entrepreneur

4. PR/Communications

5. Teacher

6. College Student

7. Speech Language Pathologist

8. Pharmacist

9. Social Media Manager

10. Model

11. Dental Hygienist

12. Nurse

13. Flight Attendant

14. Personal Trainer

15. Real Estate Agent


Most right-swiped jobs for men

1. Pilot

2. Founder/Entrepreneur

3. Firefighter

4. Doctor

5. TV/Radio Personality

6. Teacher

7. Engineer

8. Model

9. Paramedic

10. College Student

11. Lawyer

12. Personal Trainer

13. Financial Advisor

14. Police Officer

15. Military

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