Top 20 tips to recruit the best talent

With the recruitment industry ever evolving, the war to attract and retain the best talent is as intense as ever.

With the importance of technology growing, new markets emerging and a growingly diverse talent pool, recruiters need to stay in touch with the evolving industry.

WCN, an e-Recruitment software provider, asked their clients for the top 20 tips for attracting the top talent in a variety of fields.

Graduate Recruitment

1. Candidate driven market - Companies need to have the candidate in mind and cater its website appropriately. Graduates want to connect with real people.

2. Automatic engagement - Automation turns best practice into common practice, allowing companies to stay in constant contact with future hires.

3. Positive candidate experience - With more graduates thinking with their feet it is crucial to create a positive recruitment reputation for all potential and future hires.

4. Find the right candidate - It might sound simple, but you have to attract the right person for the right role. Interacting with graduates in the relevant locations can increase the number of applicants.

5. Use better technology - Graduate recruiters need to move away from outdated tools, such as Excel, Survey Monkey and Word in favour of new online technologies, including video interviewing, Big Data, automation and social media. 


Volume Recruitment

6. Have an end goal – You must have an idea of what a great hire looks like, before using all the technology at your disposal.

7. Clear brand messaging - Be upfront and have a clear company message. Who are you and what do you want?

8. Internal brand engagement – Make your employees your brand ambassadors. Their reach is ten times more powerful than the company’s.

9. Diversity needs – You must make sure you understand the difference between diversity and inclusion.

10. Collate results – Having the data that shows where the right candidates are found is invaluable as it keeps cost and cycle time to a minimum. 


Emerging Talent Recruitment

11. Talent banking – Keeping talent interested in the organisation, is imperative. Automated messages, blogs and social media are just some of the engagement methods available. 

12. Take a virtual approach - The world Generation Y live in has been completely revolutionised by technology and organisations need to change its approach in order to keep attracting the top talent.

13. Work-life balance – The Millennial generation would rather have a better work-life balance over big salaries. Companies need to reflect this in its job description and interview process.

14. Be clear – The emerging talent market does not like being misled. Make sure your brand messaging and job descriptions are accurate, or risk losing top talent.

15. Responsibility is key – It is hard to relinquish power or trust someone new, but one proven way of keeping top talent happy is to give them greater responsibility earlier. 


Public Sector

16. Shared services – A centralised function of a shared service has many benefits, no more so than with HR and payroll.

17. Build your reputation – Use social media to build your profile. It is key to breaking down myths about the culture of organisations in local government.

18. Great hire – Once you have identified what a ‘good hire’ looks like (especially when hiring in volume), adjust the recruitment process to reflect this.

19. Redeployment - It is a cost effective way to retain the most experienced and high quality staff, with statistics showing that it can save up to £30,000 for every position filled.

20. Anonymising recruitment - Technology enables the application process to be fully anonymised up to the interview stage. This means that the recruiters focus selection on merit and nothing else.

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