Recruiter's scathing LinkedIn rejection shamed online

A London based recruiter has been slammed on LinkedIn after a scathing response he sent to a candidate was shared publically.

The screenshotted message shows the exchange between jobseeker Craig and the recruiter, with Craig initially asking for clarification on the location of a potential job.

“When you say west of London could you give me the nearest tube station?” he asked.

The recruiter’s response read: “Uxbridge.  With respect, I have a dozen candidates asking me about the scope of the role, not where the nearest tube station is. I think we’ll leave it here.  Thank you for your attention.”

However Craig has the last word, replying: “Ah.  But however good they might be, can they get to the office on time?”

At the time of publication, the initial sharing of the post had over 400 likes and 130 comments, most supporting Craig with comments such as “chin up” and “nice response from Craig”.

Career Coach Susan Burke, of LinkedIn Success Academy, told Recruitment Grapevine the incident only highlighted the stresses of job hunting.

“Craig’s current predicament is faced by many of us and it could happen to us all, no one is immune, no matter what rung of the ladder we are on,” she said.

“As a coach I understand how frustrating job searching can be, with dead ends lurking around each corner and that ability to keep on going.”

 However Burke also highlighted the issues with the recruiter’s harsh response.

“I don’t know if he had simply had a bad day, let’s be fair we all have off days, however in the world we live today minding our Ps & Qs whether online or offline is becoming ever so important," she said.

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Mon, 21 Mar 2016 3:49am GMT
Either the recruiter had a bad day or there was more interaction prior to the curt answer.
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