5 questions recruiters must ask themselves

With prevailing skills shortages across multiple sectors, recruiters need to ensure that they can source the best talent.

Accordingly, Recruitment Grapevine has put together five questions recruiters need to ask themselves.

Do you know what clients expect?

Becki Todd is the Marketing Manager at Burns Sheehan. Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, Todd says recruiters need to manage clients’ expectations by using “our extensive knowledge of the market to ensure that they have a realistic and transparent view of what is actually available. Hiring managers are often at risk of eternally seeking the ‘unicorn candidate’ without a proper understanding of what actually exists.”

Do your candidates fit the company?

John Atkinson is the Head of Commercial Business at Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance. He says: “In the current climate, matching the right skills to the right jobs is still one of the biggest challenges for the recruitment sector.”

He argues that recruiters can ensure great candidate fits by investing in back-office infrastructure. He explains: “Having an efficient back-office facility in place, such as a solution that takes care of cash flow and removes the administrative burden recruitment businesses are often loaded with, allows owner’s to focus on the day job of growing the business.”

Is it all about the money?

While advertised salaries are on the rise, Todd argues that attracting talent is just not about the money. She explains: “Whilst it’s safe to say people aren’t always enticed simply by salary, in a competitive market, recruiters and hiring managers must be willing to have some flexibility on what they’re offering. In order to differentiate from competitors, benefits including flexi-time, healthcare and dental, working from home and amazing holiday packages are considered to be good way to sweeten the deal.”

How good is your brand?

Todd explains that, while benefits may be important, recruiters need to ensure that their clients have a good employer brand in order to attract talent. She explains: “Often, well-established corporate businesses struggle to compete with start-ups, as they aren’t considered to be at the forefront of technology. For example, from our experience, developers will only consider opportunities that offer exciting and challenging projects. If as a business you can’t advertise this well, it’s time to rethink your attraction strategy.”

You can find more tips on how to improve your employer brand here.

Are you online enough?

“Pre-candidate engagement is a real ‘buzz-phrase’ for recruiters this year,” Todd says. She explains that in order to engage with passive candidates, recruiters need to engage with them where they hang out.

“Contact is key for recruiters. The top talent in the market realistically won’t have the time or the inclination to take phone calls, emails or LinkedIn messages from recruiters – they’re inundated on a daily basis.”

Todd advises recruiters to seek out the communities where candidates hang out, whether that may be social networks like GitHub or LinkedIn. For more, check out our tips on how you can improve your recruitment on social media.

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