Police receive children's adorable job application

Three children have applied to work with the Swedish police, offering their services as spies as long as they don’t have to be involved in any “too dangerous crimes”.

The heart-warming letter has gone viral in Sweden, after the police inspector at the station posted the note on Facebook.

Written by Stella, Malte and Moa-Li, aged between seven and nine-years-old, the letter states the children are “wondering if we can help with any crimes”.

It goes on to list their credentials, skills and interests.

"We like to play football and draw, but best of all is spying,” it reads.

However, the hand-written job application stipulates one condition.

"But we don't want to be involved in any too dangerous crimes,” they state.

Complete with hand drawn love hearts, the note provoked a heart-warming reaction from the police who received it.

"It was that kind of thing where you get totally happy and it will probably soon have been read by everyone at the station with a smile on their faces," Police Inspector Pär Lundqvist wrote on Facebook.

He revealed police had been in touch with the children’s parents and had promised to let them visit the station.

He also divulged that the officers had permanently hung the note on the wall, reporting to the Aftonbladet tabloid that police officers getting fan mail was “not very common”.

The children are not the first to offer their services to traditionally adult roles, with a three-year-old Greenhow boy applying for the role of chef last year.

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