How to avoid candidate-search discrimination

On Friday, Recruitment Grapevine reported on a job advert where the employer was only interested in candidates with dyslexia.   

The Garage is a creative firm based in London. Its ad featured Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs, who also had dyslexia. Beneath the photo, the caption read: “We require people with a unique mind, so only dyslexics (like Steve) should apply.” 

Chris Arnold, Founder of The Garage, described himself as a “dyslexic entrepreneur” to The Guardian.

He went on to say that he was unfazed if people regarded the advert as discriminatory, saying: “If you wanted to assemble the world’s best choir you’d want great singers, not tone-deaf ones. We are simply looking for the best innovative thinkers and they are usually dyslexics.” 

Speaking to Recruitment Grapevine, Julie Taylor, Employment Solicitor at Gardner Leader, offered her advice on how recruiters can avoid discrimination when advertising for jobs. 

“Recruiters must ensure that job adverts reflect the actual requirements of the job and avoid health-related questions unless it relates to an essential function of the role”, she said. 

“They should consistently check whether any ‘reasonable adjustments’ would be required, and make it easy for a job applicant to request any, to help during the selection process. Any managers involved in recruitment must have appropriate equalities training to minimise the risks of discrimination.” 

The full story can be read here.

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