Business leader reveals most hated employee trait

One CEO has spoken out against a certain type of candidate, claiming he would never hire someone who possessed one particular personality trait.

Walter Robb, Co-CEO of retailer Whole Foods, admitted in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that a candidate with “a lack of humility and an over sense of self-promotion” would never be recruited by him.

When asked what traits he looks for in new hires, Robb explained that it was “enthusiasm” and “confidence” that he most admired in applicants.

Robb also claimed that he believed that conflict was a crucial element in any workplace. He explained: “Conflict is an essential ingredient to a robust discussion and to an examination of ideas.”

He went on to urge employees to “make the decision that really excites you. Always trust your gut.”

Earlier last year, Robb was forced to make a public apology after an investigation found that Whole Foods had been overcharging customers since 2010. 

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