Job ad for 'easy on the eye' candidate sparks uproar

A job advert which requested a candidate who was “easy on the eye” has caused an online raucous.

The listing advertised for a position in a tattoo parlour, The Monster Shop, in Mansfield, requiring a part-time receptionist.

The advert stipulated that the candidate should adhere to following ideals, specifying “no slackers”, “no weirdos or goths”, and adding that the job was cash in hand, saying “if you want to declare this and pay your taxes it is up to you.”

The advert appeared on the shop’s Facebook page last week, dividing opinions as to how the candid listing should be taken.

One Facebook user, Rebecca-Patricia Rance, commented: “I’m actually crying. If this is how you advertise a job opening I’m surprised you get any applicants at all [sic]. And I also didn’t know it was legal to tattoo someone under the age of 18.”

Another user, Emily Hopkinson wrote: “You say no 'goths or weirdos' to apply? I hope this ad is a joke.”

However, some candidates were able to see the funny side, with Nichole Dickens writing: “Best job advert I've seen in a long time. If I was looking for a job I'd apply myself, great place staffed by lovely people. Good luck in the staff hunt.”

Now the proprietor of the parlour, Paul Green, has spoken out to local publication The Chad, defending his actions and labelling the advert as a “joke.” Green explained: “You have got to understand that this is a tattoo shop, we get all shapes, forms and sizes; goths, skinheads, punks, mods and rockers.

“I have got three goths working for me so it wasn’t meant to offend them. I’m the kind of bloke who says what he thinks.

“We get a lot of families and young children, we pierce lots of young children, and what I didn’t want was somebody like me, with an extrovert appearance.

“What I advertised was for somebody easy on the eye - to me that’s someone who is not frightening and someone who is hard-working, not on their mobile phone all the time.

“I didn’t want goths because a lot of people come in and they have a face full of piercings and tattoos all over their face, and that to young children is scary.”

However, it seems that most candidates were able to see the funny side, as Green explained that he has been inundated with CVs and applications for the role. He took to Facebook once again to urge patience whilst he sifted through the messages.

In other news, Recruitment Grapevine recently reported on a restaurant’s advert which listed a workplace benefit as “having plenty of attractive floor staff to flirt with”.

So, is this advert refreshingly honest, or a sexist slur? Tell us in the comments.

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