Lyrically innovative recruitment poem blurs line between hiring & art

Charlie Chaplin infamously mused “why should poetry have to make sense?”

Well, if the medium is being used to create an online recruitment film about the power of difference, it’s important that prospective candidates can at least decipher why a potential employer appeals to them.

Advertising company Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s (BBH) film is narrated by a poem that urges listeners to embrace their differences and strive to utilise these variances to keep going one step further than their comfort zone. It ends saying “black sheep wanted.”

The film shows the value of innovation when recruiting, and could serve as a lesson to recruiters that breaking the mould when advertising a positon is worth the time and effort.

Speaking to Campaign, Ben Fennell, BBH CEO, said the film was initially intended for a staff meeting: “We have a big company meeting at the end of each year where we review our performance and set the agenda. It’s the one time a year that all 450 of us are together and we try to make them inspirational.

"We wanted a big finish that reconnected to our philosophy and the meaning of difference but in the briefing we felt that if it had a real purpose it would be even more powerful."

Harry Baker, the UK poetry slam champion who narrates the film, said to Campaign: "Creativity is at its core difference, and I think this has touched the creative community around the world. We’re only a month in and, measuring the increase of people that have approached us [about jobs] against what is normal for this time of year, we’ve definitely seen an uplift from all disciplines.

"But even though it didn’t start its life as a piece of brand content that is what it’s become. It’s got a short-term purpose to attract talent but it’s longer purpose is as a piece of brand communication for BBH.” 

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