Social media's impact on recruitment revealed

It seems like HR is turning to social media to create and distribute recruitment content…

A study by Southerly, titled ‘Recruitment Marketing Insights’, has found that 67% HR managers are creating and distributing recruitment content via social media, with a further 44% using social channels to communicate directly with candidates. 

Of those using social media for recruitment purposes, 73% use Facebook, 67% use LinkedIn and half use Twitter. Outside of this trio, 18% distribute recruitment-focused content on Instagram and five per cent use Snapchat.

The research also shed light on how effective recruitment marketing can have a positive impact on brand recognition, number and quality of applications as well as reducing time and cost per hire.

40.5% said it increased the number of applications per vacancy, and 36% agreed that it also increased the quality of these applicants. Alongside this, 34.5% said the time taken to fill positions has reduced as a result, 31.5% said it increased the diversity of applicants, and 29% said it reduced the cost per hire.

23% said that brand recognition improved as a result too.

As well as this, the research found that 54% of HR professionals use candidate personas to find the right employees, as well as a variety of recruitment content such as newsletters (41.97%), career blogs (31.61%), employer brand videos (27.46%), and jobographics (13.99%).

Getting onto social media also boosts the employer brand. While it may be dismissed in some quarters as cod-psychology, when applied right, it can benefit organisations manifold.

Robert Stone, Head of Talent at McCann Group, called it “a buzz word that is getting used too loosely” in an interview with Executive Grapevine last month. However, those in favour can point to examples such as Pret A Manger’s hilarious Twitter exchange that resulted in a customer saying the company’s efforts made the “whole office laugh.”  

The research was conducted by OnePoll among 200 HR managers in a range of companies across the UK.

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Wed, 10 Feb 2016 9:24am GMT
Vinay Johar
Nice Article, Recruitment market affects employer brand - have a significant head start when it comes to attracting talent, and a strong employment brand is one that clearly demonstrates the culture of your company, its purpose, and its values, providing people a compelling reason to want to work for – and stay with – the organization.
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