4 ways to avoid missing out on young talent

Recruiters need to ensure their recruitment processes are not causing them to miss out on millennial talent.

That is according to a new survey commissioned by Business in the Community (BITC) and the City & Guilds Group. The survey reveals that “broken recruitment processes” keep companies from sourcing top talent.

4,000 people between the ages of 18 and 24 were surveyed. 22% said that having a bad candidate experience had put them off a company completely. The report also reveals some of the most common obstacles keeping recruiters from sourcing top millennial talent.

57% stated that the most common barrier for them was a lack of previous experience. 41% said the job location was another obstacle. While 28% said that having the right qualifications kept them from successfully acquiring the role, 18% said that the costs of the interview process made applying to jobs difficult.

The BITC is now launching Future Proof, a campaign to help businesses break down these barriers. The campaign is backed by the City & Guilds Group.

Chris Jones is the Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group. Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, he reveals what recruitment consultancies can do to ensure their clients do not miss out on great young talent.

Make the application process easy to understand

Jones says: “Keep in mind that these young people may be applying for their first job ever, and need a bit more support. Plus, one in five young people said a difficult process puts them off the company. You could risk losing a major customer base for life.”

Consider whether experience is really required

57% of the people surveyed said they were held back by a lack of experience. However, Jones advised recruiters to ask their clients if experience is really important for the role. He explains: “It’s worth considering whether you really require experience for an entry-level job, or whether it’s a person’s attitude that will make them a great employee in the future.”

Give meaningful feedback

“You may want to re-think the quick courtesy email and consider providing them with quality feedback instead,” Jones says. He quotes that many young candidates feel they are not getting enough feedback on why they were rejected. Jones continues: “Giving young people a few post-interview pointers could be a great service for their future careers. Plus, it will likely leave them with a much better impression of your company.”

Reduce the costs of the process

18% of young candidates surveyed said that they were held back by high personal costs of application processes. Therefore, Jones advises recruiters to make it clear what candidates should expect from the process. That could include what candidates should wear, “where they need to get to and when, if they will be reimbursed for any travel costs, and who to contact to receive reimbursement.”  

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