'Tinder for Recruiters' gains £7m investment

The ‘left-swipe-for-no, right-swipe-for-yes approach’ to dating has taken the modern world by storm via popular app Tinder. And now it seems that the speedy algorithm for propositioning potential dates has been reworked into the recruitment industry.

Job Today, an app designed to filter candidates through location and availability, has already made waves in Europe, having processed over two million job applications in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Paris. But last week, the app secured a huge $10million (£7million) in investments to fuel further European expansion, according to Bloomberg Business.

Job Today is the brain child of Polina Montano, who ran a chain of Shell petrol stations in Luxembourg. In an interview with Bloomberg Business, Montano explained that he found it hard to find quick replacements for staff who called in sick. “The existing recruitment process does not serve the small business market,” he explained.

The app allows employers to swipe left and right on candidate CVs, whilst also providing a messaging system to open up lined of communication between candidate and recruiter.

In our November issue, we interviewed the founder of a similiar app called SelfieJobs. You can read the full feature here.

A similar style app launched in 2014 called Emjoyment. For our full report, click here

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Wed, 3 Feb 2016 9:45am GMT
Adrian Hall
Then consider yourself engaging in the oldest of all professions :)
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Tue, 2 Feb 2016 2:40pm GMT
Alastair Cox
What happens if I click on the wrong app and end up hiring some bird I just want to shag?
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