CareerBuilder: Are these the 10 strangest job interview mistakes ever made?

CareerBuilder has surveyed 2,595 hiring and HR professionals to find out what the oddest job interview mistakes candidates have ever done were.

The recruiters responded with a selection of what may be the strangest candidate behaviours ever.

The mistakes ranged from recruiters having their palms read by a self-professed psychic to a candidate blatantly stealing a photo from the interviewer’s desk.

These behaviours didn’t bode well for the candidates as the survey also revealed that 50% of hiring professionals know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good fit for a position. See the full list below;

The ten strangest things people have done in job interviews

  1. A candidate took a family photo off of the interviewer's desk and put it into her purse.
  2. A candidate started screaming that the interview was taking too long.
  3. A candidate said her main job was being a psychic and tried to read the interviewer's palm, despite the interviewer attempting to decline the offer.
  4. When asked what his or her ideal job was, the candidate replied that he or she wanted to become a "painter of birdhouses." The company was hiring for a data entry clerk.
  5. A candidate sang her responses to questions.
  6. A candidate put lotion on his/her feet during the interview.
  7. When asked why he wanted the position, candidate replied, "My wife wants me to get a job."
  8. A candidate started feeling interviewer's chest to find a heartbeat so they could "connect heart to heart."
  9. A candidate came to the job interview, having a pet bird in his or her shirt.
  10. A candidate conducted a phone interview in the bathroom – and flushed

In related news, Barclays Lifeskills released a study in December. It revealed what the ten most common job interview mistakes for candidates were, according to recruiters.

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