Darth Vader job interview goes viral

He may be Commander of the Imperial Fleet, but it seems Darth Vader has been considering a new career path lately.

Fort Worth Police Department have released a parody job interview featuring Star Wars villain Vader. The clip was created as part of a recruitment drive, aimed at encouraging more candidates to apply for roles in law enforcement.

The short video shows Vader attempting to convince the unsuccessful Police Officer that he has the right skills for the role. He explains away past mistakes on his CV, such as the Death Star being blown up on his watch, and claims that his “deep breathing issue” will not affect his physical exam results.  Vader goes on to use mind control and The Force on the interviewer, however he is soon asked to leave.

The end of the video explains the reasoning behind the Star Wars motif, saying: “Join us! If you think you have what it takes to be a part of “our Force”, then contact Fort Worth Police Department on Facebook and Twitter and find more information at Fortworthpd.com.”

This isn’t the first time that police have used spoof videos as a tool in their recruitment drives. One department in Oklahoma once parodied a song from Disney’s Frozen in an effort to attract new applicants.

Another in Texas made somewhat of a bizarre recruitment clip, featuring a clown with a machete, a dog chase and a smirking interrogator.


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