UK's 20 most desired employers revealed

The most sought-after places to work have been revealed by LinkedIn.

The professional social networking site named the 20 "Most In Demand Employers" of 2015 among its 19million UK members.

US tech giants and British retailers were high on people’s employer wish list, with Google taking the lead for a fourth year in a row. They were followed by Apple, who moved up to second place, and the department store John Lewis, who ranked third.

Amazon, British Airways, Goldman Sachs and Rolls-Royce all dropped out of the top 20.

Selfridges, Facebook, The Walt Disney Company, Topshop, Diageo, McKinsey & Company and Net-A-Porter all joined the list.

Richard George is the Corporate Communications Manager at LinkedIn. Speaking exclusively to Recruitment Grapevine, he said: “More and more organisations are recognising the value of investing in their employer brand when it comes to attracting the best talent. These companies are [the ones who are] most successfully engaging [with] potential candidates, who are connecting with their existing employees, viewing jobs and following their company page.”

George outlined the key factors that will help employers attract potential candidates: “Employers of all sizes can follow a few simple tips to begin building their employer brand; be authentic, mobilise your greatest ambassadors, and get buy-in from the top.”

Commenting on the current list, he added: “Each have one thing in common: they’ve all identified what makes them special and what they can offer employees, and are effectively using the social media tools available to them to communicate this.”

The announcement of this year’s top was made at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect event in London. The full list is below. 

1. Google

2. Apple

3. John Lewis


5. Shell

6. BBC

7. Selfridges

8. Facebook

9. Microsoft

10. BP

11. Unilever

12. Burberry

13. The Walt Disney Company

14. ITV

15. The Net-A-Porter Group

16. Harrods

17. Topshop/Topman

18. Diageo

19. Carillion

20. McKinsey & Company

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