'Tinder style' job app launches in UK


Tinder styled new app, SelfieJobs has launched in the UK allowing jobseekers to ‘Apply with a Like’ in London and across Europe.

Originally launched in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of 2014, the job app allows users to upload a compressed CV, Instagram photos and a 22 second video pitch to their individual profiles, letting jobseekers “apply to up to 30 jobs per day just with one swipe”.

Already a considerable success in Germany and the Nordic region, the app has 10,000 jobseekers registered, and Martin Tall, CEO and Founder of SelfieJobs, insists that the new app is a “win win” for both jobseekers and companies with the aim to “shake up the traditional hiring process”.

Referring to the app as vital to young people who are bored and frustrated with current solutions, Tall says: “We started SelfieJobs to let young people self-express their job application in a way not seen before. A few bullets about your education and work history, your favourite picture from Instagram and a short video pitch is all you need to get started.

“Companies in service industries love this ‘interview first’ approach because they can see and screen the applicant and opt to chat with them instead of reading through a long detailed CV. This makes the job search simple and fun for both applicants and companies while illuminating millions of hidden talents through user pitch videos across the UK and European market.”

Tall continues: “Time is money and it is wasted on filtering through traditional CVs and using outdated application systems not required for this market.

“SelfieJobs app is the first in Europe and probably the first in the world to enable jobseekers to express themselves with a video-pitch and pictures before applying for jobs with a ‘like’ instead of a long application. This is vital since young people are bored and frustrated with current solutions.”

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Fri, 5 Jun 2015 1:47pm BST
anonymous recruiter
sounds great but how many employers already time challenged are going to want to have to listen to the end of a pitch with probably no pre screening or selection process going on- you can at least scan a c.v. for key words and then shortlist
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Tue, 2 Jun 2015 4:31pm BST
Anonimity@ Anonymous
Not to mention there are already a number of video interview providers who cater for Mobile applications......
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Tue, 2 Jun 2015 4:30pm BST
this allows an employer to screen an applicant based on the way an individual looks which is illegal in the UK.
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Tue, 2 Jun 2015 1:33pm BST
At first glance sounds great idea, deeper look and you realise this actually breaches a lot of the equality and diversity laws in the UK.
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