Networks First challenges new hires to start their own business

Networks First, the managed networks services specialist has offered a £50,000 start-up payment to experienced new business talent with an ambition to be their own boss within three years.

The lump sum payment can be used to start a business in any discipline and comes in addition with the salary, commission scheme and benefits that the firm offers.

In addition, the new recruit to the Networks First team will be offered the opportunity of having a tailored business start-up training programme to maximise their chances of success.

Networks First believes that the chance of a guaranteed, non-commission based payment which will enable a potential entrepreneur to start their ideal business will be highly attractive to the calibre of employee they are looking to engage with.

Speaking exclusively to HR Grapevine, Sallie-Ann Allen, Head of Operations at Networks First, believes that the opportunity presented by her firm not only benefits the new recruit, but will also allow the organisation to enhance its employer brand.

“One of the outputs we were looking to achieve from this scheme was to make more people in the IT industry aware that in addition to remuneration, employee training and development, and flexibility, we invest in our work environment and company culture,” she stated.

“Without the employer brand status that larger IT organisations command, and have marketing budget to drive, an SME like ourselves needs to find alternative ways of promoting their employer brand in order to achieve employer choice status,” Allen added.

Sallie-Ann Allen also emphasised the importance of HR firms becoming more “business savvy as a general principle” due to the “employee/employer relationship constantly evolving”.

“SMEs in particular need to consider innovative ways of communicating with future talent to try and stand out, particularly as it is like that, as employee labour trends show, people will move organisations more frequently.

“This sort of incentive also gives a clear ROI, which is something HR as a discipline is being asked to demonstrate more as, ultimately, the more successful they are, and the more successful we are,” she concluded.

Image courtesy of wikimedia User Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung

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