Is this the best job application ever?

A candidate struggling to further his career decided to quit his job and create his own video game to use as a job application.

Richard Seabrook is a 25-year old developer, who made the decision to leave his current job behind in order to make a sequel to popular science-fiction shooter game Half-Life.

In an interview with the BBC, Seabrook explained his foray into gaming. He said: “I was struggling to get into the games industry, and I basically wanted to take a different approach and shoot for my dream job; which was a job at Valve Corporation in America.

“So I quit my job at the time, and decided I was going to make an entire game as a job application.”

He originally crafted his new product as the means of landing a job, however, the game was so impressive that Valve, the company who owns and develops Half-Life have approved Seabrook’s model as a sequel. The game, Prospekt, may even be adopted and sold as part of the franchise.

And this isn’t the first time a jobseeker has gone to extreme lengths to get themselves noticed. One candidate wrote and designed a Mr Men book to land a creative job. Another woman had her husband deliver her CV to a creative agency in Glasgow, dressed as the Mad Hatter.

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